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Montessori Early Learning - Tingalpa

Montessori Early Learning - Tingalpa is a family owned and operated long day care centre, commencing operations 16 November 2009.  A Montessori program for children 2-6 years has been introduced at the centre.

Our Montessori early learning environment incorporates specific Montessori materials. Through discovery each child is able to learn, with the freedom to follow their own interests and abilities. 

In the multi-age group, older children role model and support the younger children who in turn observe more advanced work.  The Montessori program caters for the differing learning styles and needs of children, promoting self-discipline and a love of learning.

The holistic development of the child is achieved through five key learning areas;

  • Practical Life - Children are provided with a wide variety of materials that are generally found in the home. They carry out familiar and meaningful activities such as sweeping, polishing, pouring, chopping, preparing foods, folding, lacing, sorting, etc. also incorporating care of the environment and their own person.  These skills develop independence, confidence, coordination, concentration and patience.

  • Sensorial - The child learns about their surroundings through manipulating specifically designed materials that isolate qualities such as colour, shape, order, dimension, distance, texture, temperature, volume, pitch, weight, taste, similarity and sequence.  Refinement of fine motor skills, visual and auditory senses develop coordination and the ability to order and classify.  Language concepts such as loud/soft, long/short, rough/smooth, are also introduced through use of the materials.

  • Mathematics – As the child explores spatial relationships, distance, grouping and quantity, the role of numbers is developed through the use of equipment such as numbers rods, counters, spindles and the bead system.  As the decimal system is introduced children begin to work with addition and subtraction, followed by multiplication and division.

  • Language – To build the foundations necessary for literacy, phonetic sounds are introduced through sandpaper letters, also developing fine motor and writing skills.  Reading skills develop through the use of the moveable alphabet, where simple phonetic words extend to more complex words, sentenced structure and grammar.

  • Culture – Areas of Culture incorporate Art, History, Geography, Biology, Zoology, Botany and the Physical Sciences. By presenting other cultures and lifestyles, the child learns about the world they live in. World map puzzles help the child to identify the different continents and countries of the world. Throughout the year, music, dance, foods, language, and customs from various countries are explored, to give the child an opportunity to experience other cultures.
Past success: The success of the Montessori method can be seen through the lives of Montessori educated children such as Prince William and Prince Harry, George Clooney, Jackie Onassis, Anne Frank, Julia Child, Jeff Bezos (founder and Larry Page (founder

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