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Mission Statement


Our Service is guided by the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in its daily practice and experiences for children. This philosophy inspires the development of individual children in a safe, supportive, culturally-diverse environment that gives them the freedom to explore, discover, cooperate, create, and become independent thinkers.
We believe:

  • learning is natural and should be both challenging and a fun part of life,
  • children are active learners,
  • teachers are facilitators and guides,
  • parents are partners and resources,
  • the community is an extension of learning and the environment,
  • the programme is determined and extended by the developmental and individual needs, interests and cultural background of the children,
  • learning is spiral with depth and breadth,
  • skills and knowledge are gained through discovery and experience.


To provide each child with a warm, secure, caring and educational environment that:

  • respects each child as a unique individual,
  • nurtures curiosity, creativity and identity,
  • promotes a joy of learning,
  • builds mutual respect and reciprocal relationships,
  • guides the development of personal resilience and social tolerance,
  • honours Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision for a world based on peace.

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